Here comes D&D 5e!!!!

I don't care.

OK, I do care a little bit, but only to this extent: WoTC have the clout to affect the whole roleplaying world. I want 5e to succeed because I want the population of roleplayers to grow. However, I've been too turned off by the bloated number-cruncher that 3e turned into, and the pseudo-MMORPG that 4e proved to be, to be all that bothered about WoTC's products for my own use.

In other words, I've been too badly hurt, and I'm afraid to love again. Sob.

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  1. Played 3.5E once - have to worry about a game which requires an app to make your character, otherwise 4 hours by hand. I thought we left this sorta thing behind in the 80's with FGU and Aftermath and other "simulations" as opposed to role playing games. From what I hear, 4e is like the kids' board game - a fantasy skirmish game.

    Still have my AD&D books if I want to play a game, as opposed to spend an afternoon filling out a character sheet.