Desert Mat

The mat - about 1500mm square

My productivity for the day is the creation of this terrain mat for desert wargaming. It's canvas, about 1500mm square, and painted with standard acrylic house-paint.

The paint does leave the canvas a little stiff, but that's no great problem since it's really only there to provide a textural background to other terrain pieces — and the wargaming models, of course.

15mm models on the mat


  1. Very effective!

    Did you use salt to help get those textures?

  2. biopunk: no, it's just a sprinkling of very diluted paint (and then clean water) on to the wet paint base. I diluted the original paint about 5:1 with water, so it was a lot looser than straight acrylic house paint. I had first sealed the canvas with a coat of tinted acrylic wallboard sealer (left over from some renovations) so the diluted top-coat didn't soak into the canvas as much as it otherwise would have, and stayed damp long enough for the sprinkling to disrupt the pigment coverage.

  3. Thanks for the additional info Fitz.

    It looks fantastic!