Certain Death

Why "certain death"?

Because if you get rid of that modern-looking cable car, then getting into this place will probably involve a party swimming and/or climbing.

Both of those activities have a much higher mortality rate, in every game I've played in, than even the most terrifyingly armoured, venomous, fire-breathing, fanged and clawed monster.

This can only be in Japan, and there's no way I'd live there — a decent earthquake would be likely to snap those puny supports and send the whole kit and kaboodle into the sea.


  1. I know a certain rogue who'd love that, but his party would more likely drown him in its very waters...

  2. This is why a good sized party with several henchmen and a boat or two would be a good idea (as opposed to 4 bubbling raiders), along with a thief, some grappling hooks and maybe a Mu with spiderclimb.

    It's a totally amazingly awesome and inspiring image.

  3. I'd never thought to GIMP anything like that. Very cool.