Those paper ruins again

These are a couple more in the series of paper micro-wargaming buildings I mentioned in my last post — I thought it might be useful to see how they look in their raw state.

I've printed them on a light tan 160gsm card, so that any bits I may miss with my paintbrush will look brickish, rather than a screaming bright white. In retrospect, a darker coloured card would probably be even better.

As you can see, the original line work gives you a sort of "colouring book" base to work from. I've cut out some of the doors, window-shutters and what-not and glued them back in place skewed, to enhance the ruinous aspect of the finished models.

The card bases will be glued down on to 0.5mm steel before groundwork and painting begins.


  1. Did you design these or find it somewhere as a PDF? Either way, I like 'em.

  2. I found them online somewhere; don't remember where now (it was some time ago)