Aiee! My wallet, my poor wallet!

I went to buy some of Lou Zocchi's Gamescience dice the other day. They're my favourite dice; I like my edges sharp, thanks very much. I really don't much like the rounded Chessex style at all. Unfortunately, nobody here in Christchurch stocks them, so I resorted to the internet for my dice-fix.

A set of un-inked dice, like the ones shown here, cost about five bucks — that seems to me to be quite reasonable. I followed the "buy" link, which took me to Amazon, and ordered five sets. Twenty-five bucks, right?

Then Amazon added postage and handling.

Near enough to THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS! Just for shipping! Bloody hell!

What would five sets of dice weigh? Maybe a hundred grams? They wouldn't even make a very bulky package. I think that Amazon are gouging more than a trifle on their shipping fees, and if not, then the US Postal Service is. I've been stung before with shipping fees from Amazon, when I bought some second-hand science fiction books. This experience indicates that it's not a rarity, so screw Amazon. I won't be shopping there again.

As it happens, I went elsewhere, to, for my dice. The shipping still stung a bit, but it was half what Amazon wanted to charge me.


  1. Hello,

    First a disclaimer. I have been an employee of Amazon in the past and work there now as a contractor.

    You state "Then Amazon added postage and handling" but that is not correct. Those are actually sold by RPGShop'com on the Amazon website - look next to the price. RPGShop is doing the gouging, not amazon. Amazon has lots of merchandise by 3rd party merchants on their site, and the merchants set shipping costs.

  2. I was going to say the same thing as James. I get all kinds of books off of Amazon and have yet to pay a cent of shipping costs. I'm sure its factored into the price of the books, but the books themselves are cheeping than I can find anywhere else either. I guess I must just be giving into the man and screwing over someone, but I can't figure out who.

  3. James: if I go to a page that is prominently branded with company A's corporate imagery to buy stuff that transpires to be from company B whose identity is, if not actually hidden on the page, so insignificant as to be virtually invisible, then company A can expect to wear the flak for company B's pricing policies.

    Ian: we poor schmucks who live outside the continental USA get no benefit from any of those sweet shipping deals. Hell, they won't even sell us Kindles out here in the wilderness.