Skytrex SdKfz 10 (15mm)

 This, and a Horch heavy car, are the first 15mm models I've bought from Skytrex (I think).

This one is the little SdKfz 10 half track, which will go into service pulling around my PaK 36 anti-tank guns.

Unlike most other 15mm vehicle models these days, these ones are cast entirely from white metal, so they're heavy little things for their size. I haven't done any measuring, but they look OK in size and silhouette, certainly good enough for wargaming purposes, though they do have a somewhat cartoonish look about them.

One thing I do regret is the driver figure: he'd be better suited to a right-hand drive vehicle, as he's looking towards his right. That means that his face isn't really easily visible, which is a pity.


Right profile

Left profile

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