15mm PSC PaK36

Now that I've photographed them in close-up, it becomes apparent that they need a bit of dusting.
The last of the teams on the PSC 15mm Early WWII German Heavy Weapons sprue is the PaK36 37mm anti-tank gun. I put this one together and painted it, not because I need more PaK36 right now, but because I thought I might as well just to see how it looked complete.

It's a fairly creditable little model, I think. Very simple to build, and it looks exactly like what it says on the tin.

Unlike the other team weapons from this set, I painted the crew separately and then added them to the base (a 32mm steel fender washer). That made them a million times easier to paint, and I think I did a much better job on them. I had to glue them to little bits of plastic card to make them handleable, as they're not moulded with bases — which I think isn't actually a terribly good idea, but there you go.

I think I might as well do the remaining three in the set, as my existing PaK36 teams are all SS, and I hate those pricks.

The crew figures appear to be generic rather than PaK36-specific, so their shells are much too big for the gun. I can live with that, but it would have been nice for them to have ammunition a bit closer to the proper size.

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