The Next Bit

This is the players' map of the next bit of country they'll be moving through*.

The HeadLand is so called because of the many great stone heads that adorn the many rises and knolls of the valley of the River Norflowd. They are the relics of an ancient people, long gone. The heads remain, looking out over the flocks of sheep that now graze those downs.

This was done in indian ink with a croquil nib, coloured with watercolour and coloured pencil. It took a lot longer than it should have, and it reinforces why I do all this kind of shit on the computer these days.

* You would think that after SPECIFICALLY ASKING FOR A MAP OF THIS BIT OF COUNTRY the players would show at least a modicum of interest in exploring some of its many interesting features. But no, turns out the purpose of SPECIFICALLY ASKING FOR A MAP OF THIS BIT OF COUNTRY is so that they can hurry straight through it as quickly as possible, ignoring everything. For fuck's sake.

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