New Toys

Yippee! New toys from Reaper!

  • Back left: 77184 Spirit of the Forest (x 2) — ents. Or treants, if you don't want to anger the Tolkien machine.
  • Back centre: 77103 Nor'Ock, Ettin — two heads good!
  • Back right: 77183 Frost Worm — a remorrhaz, basically, except for licencing purposes.
  • Front: 77185 Large Earth Elemental (x 3) — Grrg-nak! Grrg-nak!
  • plus a sample bottle of paint of horrible hue.

These things are amazing hard to photograph due to being incredibly white and ever so slightly translucent; this photo required considerable post-processing to get any detail showing at all.

Once again, they've sent me a sample pot of their paint. It's a pretty lurid, horrible pink, and I don't know that I'll get a lot of use out of it. I will be interested to see if this bottle suffers from the same flow restriction as the first they sent me.

Musings on Class

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