Hordes of the Things (2nd Ed.)

As the second edition of the Hordes of the Things rules are currently out of print, Sue Laflin-Barker has kindly made them available as a free pdf download at http://www.wrg.me.uk/

Go the the 'History of WRG' page; the link to the file can be found there. Depending on whether or not its been fixed yet, you may also need to download a separate file for page 23 (the Combat Results tables). If you have a copy of Acrobat then you can insert the errant page back into its rightful place; if not, then you'll have to print it separately. (I do, and I have).

Yet Another Hill

 I got a cheap 30-watt foam-cutting hot wand from China a few days ago, and tried it out by carving up a foam off-cut into another hill. ...