Aiee! My wallet, my poor wallet!

I went to buy some of Lou Zocchi's Gamescience dice the other day. They're my favourite dice; I like my edges sharp, thanks very much. I really don't much like the rounded Chessex style at all. Unfortunately, nobody here in Christchurch stocks them, so I resorted to the internet for my dice-fix.

A set of un-inked dice, like the ones shown here, cost about five bucks — that seems to me to be quite reasonable. I followed the "buy" link, which took me to Amazon, and ordered five sets. Twenty-five bucks, right?

Then Amazon added postage and handling.

Near enough to THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS! Just for shipping! Bloody hell!

What would five sets of dice weigh? Maybe a hundred grams? They wouldn't even make a very bulky package. I think that Amazon are gouging more than a trifle on their shipping fees, and if not, then the US Postal Service is. I've been stung before with shipping fees from Amazon, when I bought some second-hand science fiction books. This experience indicates that it's not a rarity, so screw Amazon. I won't be shopping there again.

As it happens, I went elsewhere, to, for my dice. The shipping still stung a bit, but it was half what Amazon wanted to charge me.

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