Asgard wizard repaint - Mission Complete

Well, here's that old Asgard figure from this entry, all repainted and based and ready to start clambering about the tabletop. I think he turned out OK, really.

Stripping off the old paint didn't take nearly as long as I had thought, because after it had been in the Simple Green for an hour or so I remembered that I have a cheap ultrasonic cleaner. I put it in that, still in the Simple Green, and hit it with the ultrasonics for eight minutes or so, and the paint lifted very nicely. 24 hours soaking in just a few minutes — sweet. I don't know if that first hour of soaking is necessary to pre-soften the paint surface before putting it in the ultrasonic bath; next time I'll try it straight in, and see how it goes.

I kept the grey scheme from the original paint job, and just jazzed it up a bit with some shading and highlighting. The base is a 20mm steel washer; I tend to base all my figures on them these days, as it means I can store them on magnetic mats and they don't knock each other around.

All in all, I'd call this guy a success.


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