Retro Pig-Faced Orcs


About a year ago I sculpted these two retro-styled pig-faced orcs, based on the aesthetics of the ancient Minifigs orcs of the 1970s. And now, at long last, I've got around to painting them.

I've painted them in a very simple "toy soldier" style, and then slathered them in Army Painter Quickshade (oil-based, dark tone).

I originally intended to do a range of different weapons for them as well; the original Minifigs range basically used the same body and just changed the weapons, so that would have been pretty straightforward. Things like archers would need a whole new figure sculpted, though I could reuse a lot of elements quite easily. If I recall correctly, the officer figures just added cloaks and helmet crests, so again, no big deal there.

However, that burst of enthusiasm has passed, and I never got around to doing any of that. Maybe some day.

Note: these are much too large to fit in with the genuine white metal figures of yore; they'd need to be rescaled to about 60% or thereabouts. These ones are designed to scale with massive modern 32mm "heroic" figure sculpts.


  1. Those pig-faced orcs look GREAT! I've only been painting minis for maybe 2 years but I wish I could sculpt like that. Bravo!

  2. Those are pleasantly retro-looking. I suppose if you wanted to use them with figures from the days when 25mm scale still meant something you could excuse it as yours being leader types or part-troll or ogre-blooded or something. Orcs tended to vary in height quite a lot as I recall.

  3. Brings back looking at units of pig faced orks at the Minifigs booths.