Centaur Mk.IV


This is a 15mm (1:100 scale) Centaur Mk.IV with the 95mm howitzer. I've painted it in the brown SCC2 colour scheme, simply because I hadn't done that before and wanted to try it out. It was superseded by SCC15 Olive Drab, but there were plenty of vehicles still in SCC2 alongside the new colour after D-Day.

I did the targeting graduations around the turret rim with a croquil mapping pen and some acrylic ink. They're not very precise, but they do get the idea across in an impressionistic manner.

The turret has developed quite a bit of post-cure cracking, so it looks like I didn't wash out the interior as well as I could have. In retrospect, I probably should have just printed it solid, and if I have to replace it I will do that.

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