Doctor Zarkov's Spaceship (nearly, sort of)


I've been fiddling around in Blender, putting together a Space Opera spaceship loosely based on the ship of Doctor Zarkov in the 1935 Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon serials.

Something I hadn't remembered, but which I discovered when I looked at a screen-shot from one of the films, is that the ship has a fixed undercarriage just like an aeroplane of the era.

I tried a variety of layouts for the STLs.

The one-piece model (the red one) didn't print well at all; Cura's support game proved to be weak.

The green one, split longitudinally, worked fairly well, but in the end I went with the blue one, split fore and aft, as it required the absolute minimum of supports.

The STLs are available (free) at
Thingiverse has enraged me one time too many, and I've deleted my account there. Maybe I'll get around to putting them up elsewhere some day, if I can be bothered.

The model, as designed, is roughly 150mm long.

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  1. Very cool work, very decent of you to offer the STL's.