Building Bridges

Bergman's Valentine bridgelayer

My Covenanter

That talented Mr Bergman has designed a 1:100 scale Valentine bridgelayer, which I am in the process of printing right this instant.

I learn, from the Tank Museum's Tank Chats on Youtube, that the Aussies used the Covenanter hull instead of the Valentine, but they used the exact same bridge and mechanism. It seems to me that it should be fairly easy to kit-bash a Covenanter bridgelayer using some of Bergman's geometry on some of the Covenanter I designed quite a while ago.

I'll have to see if I can dig out some pictures of the Australian bridgelayer, but I suspect they'd have done away with the storage bins on the Covenanter's hull front, in order to ease the attachment of the front components of the bridge extension mechanism.


  1. Well that is an interesting model (a bit niché for most games, but could be great for some missions). Are you printing it in resin or FDM?

    1. Resin. He does also supply it in a format suitable for FDM, but I print all my vehicles and figures in resin these days, not only because of the superior finish it gives me, but also because of the speed — the Mars prints two or three times faster than the same model on my Ender 3.