British WWII 7.2" Howitzer (1:100)


I've been tinkering away at designing a 1:100 scale digital model of Britain's standard heavy gun of WWII, the 7.2" howitzer. It was derived from the WWI vintage 8" howitzer, with a new barrel to cater to heavier charges and new, better ammunition. It used huge chocks in an attempt to keep the gun roughly in place after firing; even so, it was not unknown for the most powerful charges to send the gun right up and over its chocks, presumably to the loud swearing (and peril) of the crew.

This model shows it on its original carriage. It was later put on the four-wheel split-trail carriage of the US 155mm "Long Tom", which was better able to handle the massive recoil generated by the gun's most powerful charges.

The STLs for the gun and its chocks can be found at

Figures are Battlefront 15mm Mediterranean British infantry.

I finally got around to printing the huge chocks this thing used to keep it from bounding all over the landscape, and put it on a small base made from an off-cut of an old credit card.


  1. That one nice model. What CAD design program are you using? I have been using fusion with good results. Enyou your blog greatly.

  2. I use Blender. I did try Fusion, and I recognise its worth, but it doesn't offer enough value for me to devote the time needed to learn it thoroughly.

  3. Thank you for you answer.