Sherman VC Firefly


The Sherman Firefly was a stopgap — though a pretty successful stopgap — 17 pounder gun tank. The gun was powerful enough to take on anything the Germans had to oppose it, assuming that it could hit anything: issues with the APDS ammunition meant that accuracy was compromised beyond about 500 yards, issues that were not fully addressed until after the end of WWII.
Note: those accuracy issues didn't exist with APCBC ammunition, which was still more than adequate against German armour at the time.

I don't know what the VC stands for, though I expect it would be easy enough to find out.

Note: It turns out that the V is the Roman numeral 5 (for Sherman V) and C designated the 17pdr gun.

This is a 1:100 (15mm) 3d printed model, from a digital design by TigerAce1945 (Zachary Kuvalich). I tinkered with the file a bit before printing it, but not a lot: I added some track detail and split the hull in half, added some magnetization sockets, and some built-in supports to get the gun to print reliably.


  1. Per Wikipedia, the "V" indicated the model of the Sherman, while the "C" indicated 17 pounder armament.

  2. Quite nice. I like how the British markings are so colorful compared to a generic US version, and the gun barrel shading turned out well too.

    When you said that you put in supports for the gun, what did you add?

    1. I just added a 0.4mm thick wall under the length of the barrel, contacting it at about 2-3mm spacing, and with the occasional buttress so that it didn't fall over while it was being printed.

  3. (hmmmm... my original post looks to have bounced... let's try again)

    The V is for the Mk V Sherman.

    C is for the gun fitted. C = 17pdr, A = common or garden 75mm and B was... the 105mm howitzer?? Or the 76mm? That bit I would need to check up on.

    I know that at least some regiments referred to the Firefly as 'Charlie' and at Troop level seemed to lead with the 75 Shermans and would 'Bring up the Charlie' to do the heavy hitting on a point target before tactically withdrawing that vehicle slightly again.

    In sort of crude terms I guess the other vehicles in the troop were bait used to find targets for the 17pdr to destroy.