DM Screen — slow progress

I've been doing a bit more work on my AD&D/OSRIC DM screen, and it's almost ready for prime time. However, I have a great huge gaping hole on sheet #4 that I am entirely without inspiration as what to fill it with.

There's some spare space on sheet #1 as well, but I'm less concerned with that. If there's an emergency need, I'll put something there, otherwise I probably won't bother.


I've about finished, I think. There are still a couple of lacunae, but I can fill them if I really find something useful, or else maybe just with some graphics.

Later again....

I've added an alternative last panel that includes THAC0 (for descending AC) and Attack Bonuses (for ascending AC) in place of the Aerial Agility Class and Unnatural Aging information.

The PDF can be seen here, assuming I've configured the Google Drive link correctly — it's under 2 MB.


  1. For that gap on panel #4: one of the most useful things I find to have on a GM screen is a list/table of random names so that no NPC, no matter how unimportant to the adventure, is nameless. Saves those semi-embarrassing times when you name an NPC Sadida because the player across the table from you is wearing an Adidas sweat shirt.

    Numerous sources of random names based on typical fantasy races, but I tend to go historical and use Anglo-Saxon names for Elves, German for Dwarves, Welsh for Halflings, and whatever else for Orcs.

    1. I have lists of names from a variety of Earth cultures, but they're far too voluminous to put on to a screen. They're one of the things I keep handy in a reference folder.

  2. A few quick comments Peter:

    - no to hit tables??
    - a combined weapon damage + weapons vs. AC would be nice
    - combat procedures?
    - combat bonuses?

    I'll rummage around in my notes for screens to see what else stands out :D


    1. I use ascending AC and attack bonuses, so I have no need for to-hit tables at all. Lists of combat modifiers would be a good idea though.