Sorcerer's Tower from Printable Scenery

I thought I'd try my hand at a larger piece of 28mm fantasy scenery, and went for this one: the Sorcerer's Tower from Printable Scenery.

I was unprepared for how large it would be, nor for how long it would take to print. It ended up taking me six days of more or less non-stop printing to get all the major components done (minus doors), and god knows how long it will take to paint it. When I get around to painting it, which might be a while, because I'm well and truly sick of it now.

Stage 1: I decided to print it from top to bottom, on the theory that if I got delayed for any reason, I could still use it as a smaller tower without needing any of the under-bits. As it happened, that wasn't an issue, but the theory was sound I think.

Stage 2: The first stone tower bit. Only the top two pieces are primed in this photo. You can see that I had some printing issues with the balusters around the top balcony; I'm vaguely considering cutting that whole section of the balustrade out and replacing it with a traditionally modelled "crappy DIY" repair of planks and things.

 Stage 3: more tower. It's all sitting on my modeling table. The blobby things around its base are Mushroom Men.

Stage 4: the last of the tower segments is complete.

There's a spiral staircase running right up through the whole height of the tower, which is nice I guess, but it's unlikely ever to be seen much.

The wizard in the doorway (for scale) is an old Grenadier figure; a Julie Guthrie sculpt I think. It came as one of a boxed set of 25mm wizards.

 Stage 5: the ground floor of the house part of the structure.

The figure up on the top balcony is a 28mm (more like 32mm really) monk, from Reaper.

Stage 6: the first floor of the house.

Stage 7: All the major components finished at last.

That main roof section was a 29 hour print, just on its own.


  1. Lovely. I would dearly love to be able to make terrain like this at will. I'm not strapped for cash in any way, but I just can't justify the cost to myself.

  2. Still looks rather nice just primed. Like your heroes have stumbled into a monochrome world.

  3. I look through the Hubble telescope at distant galaxies.Congratulations!

  4. Great print. I'm currently printing a Samurai Castle. So far I have finished one corner tower and the center gate tower. The wall are going to take a long time. Enjoy your blog.

    1. Whered you find the stl for a samurai castle?

  5. That looks fantastic. I have the files for it (and much more from Printable Scenery) and it is in the looong printing queue.
    It is amazing how long these things take to print, I made the ruined lighthouse and it took days. But that is nothing compared to the time it takes to paint :-)

  6. Thats a really amazing build. whats your layer height?


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