Model Scale Comparison

All 3d printed, except for the 1/300 model which is from Heroics & Ros.
I've filled out a bit more of my range of scale comparison models to include one at 1/150 scale, which would be in the 12mm figure bracket  — that would cover about 1/120 to 1/160 scale, with the most common probably being 1/144. In truth, the Bishop probably wasn't the best vehicle to choose for something like this; I just sort of fell into it.

I'm pretty heavily committed to 1/100 (15mm) scale, and that's not very likely to change in the foreseeable future. I've got a whole bunch of 1/300 and 1/285 stuff as well, though I almost never use it these days.

If I was starting WWII wargaming again from scratch, I think I'd probably be going for 1/200. Big enough to see, small enough to store easily, and small enough to play satisfactory games on a relatively small table.


  1. Always interesting to see scale comparisons like this. If you have any interest in expanding this, a HO/ 1/87 addition would be interesting, as well as a 1/285 step between the 1/200 and 1/300 (since many treat that as being the same thing as 1/300)

    With Victrix coming out with 12mm WWII kits next year, interest in that scale may increase.

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  3. Question. I too am committed to the 15mm scale. How are you doing the markings on armor/vehicles, unit symbols, weight, census numbers etc? Decals? hand painting or? if decals, where do you source yours if I may ask?

    Thanks for sharing all your great work!


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