This is the second in a group of three figures by DarkRealms on Thingiverse. Apparently it's a crone from Witcher 3, a game I know nothing at all about.

The STL is available at

I had a few problems with this model. 3d Builder identified issues with the STL that it was unable to fix, and in the end I decimated it in Blender and then imported it into 3d Builder to fix what problems were left. When it printed, the left arm (it's left, our right) printed detached from the body, but I pinned and glued it back in place without too much trouble.

The layer lines are more apparent in this close-up photo than in real life, but they're certainly perceptible on close examination. There's not a lot I can do about that, except buy a better miniature-printing printer, which I will no doubt do one day.

This one is the first of the series, and unlike the other one, printed without any issues at all.

Again, the layer lines are annoying, but bearable in a gaming miniature.

I have no idea what it's wearing on its head.

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