Vickers Light Mk.VI AA

The latest model off my 3d printer is this Vickers Light Tank Mk.VI AA, mounting 4 7.92mm BESA machine-guns on a high-angle anti-aircraft mounting.

Its necessity was made plain by events in France in 1940, and it made its first appearance in action in the Western desert in 1941.

It needs some more markings, but exactly what I'm not yet sure.

I've seen photographs of Mk.VI tanks with large cartouches on their turret rear, containing the vehicle name. However, I don't think the AA versions carried those sorts of markings, and I'll probably just end up giving it some very generic tactical signs.

The model is based on one by m_bergman or TigerAce1945 on Thingiverse. I've fiddled with it a bit, adding the gunner and replacing the guns so that they'll print reliably, and I added track pins as well to break up the smoothness of the edges of the tracks.

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