Cold War Project — Artillery

These are a pair of British 105mm Light Guns in 1/300 scale, from Heroics & Ros.

I think it unlikely that the crews would be wearing their berets in the field, but that's the way they're modelled. The berets are supposed to be navy blue (which would just look black in this scale), but my navy blue paint went weird and frosty, so I've painted them a lighter blue. I might revisit that some time in the future, but it's not a huge priority.

I've added a bit of scrubby vegetation to break up the flatness a bit, but that's about as far towards a "mini-diorama" as I want to go with basing.

I have a couple of One Tonne Landrovers to pull them around.

I'm not a big fan of bases on vehicles, but because these models have little magnets glued beneath, I can pop them on or off steel bases as need be.

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