Red Horde

This is all the Zvezda 1:100 scale WWII Soviet tanks I've got left to paint now, though no doubt I'll get more at some point in the future. I need a couple more T-34s at least. I'm not a fan of production-line painting, as I've mentioned before on more than one occasion, but at least if they're assembled I can use them on the table, in extremis.

They're all very easy to assemble, but I'm not a big fan of the hole-&-post method of mounting the turrets. It's simple, but it makes the turrets very stiff. Therefore, I've got rid of that and magnetized the turrets of the KV-1s, T-34s, and just one T-26. The remaining four T-26 are built straight from the box; I may revisit them if I find I really need their turrets freed up, but modifying them in this way is a lot less straightforward than it is for the other vehicles.

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