Aerial Distraction

Continuing with my distraction from the troop of Panzer III that I should be painting is this Revell 1:144 scale Me262 that I bought at the same time as the Stuka I've just finished.

There's a copyright note for 1992, which would have been about when I bought it, so it's been sitting around, unloved and neglected, for a good long time.

I have to say, these Revell 1:144 aeroplane kits really are rubbish. I've had to carve off all of the locating pins, because none of them actually align properly with their sockets. There are huge gaping cavities around where the wing assembly joins to the fuselage which will need a lot of filler. Actually, there are huge gaping gaps around pretty much every seam.

I don't have very many hopes for the decals, being as old as they are; I suspect they'll just fall to pieces. But we shall see.

Added to all that, it's really a pretty pointless build for me, since the Me262 didn't see service until the opposite end of the war from the bit I'm mainly interested in for gaming. Ah well.

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