GHQ Grant

Among the unpainted bits and pieces I've been organising, I found this: the Grant medium tank, from GHQ.

This camouflage scheme is more or less the same as that painted on the example at Bovington, and it's a scheme I rather like, which is why I painted this. It's large swatches of KG#3 outlined in lines of black and white on a Dark Sand base.

I experimented with various means of getting the outlines done, but in the end I didn't find any easier or more effective way than just painting on the KG#3 blotches and then outlining them with a fine brush. Now I have four more to paint the same way.

And as usual, now that I've photographed it, I see that I've forgotten to paint the various tools and what-not. Not to worry, that's easy enough to fix.

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