Komintern Komin-up

In progress: the Komintern artillery tractor, which was based on the running-gear of the T-24.

I thought it would be a doddle, since I could just re-use the stuff I'd already done for the T-24.... and to a certain degree, that's true. Except that I had to make a new drive wheel, new idler, and new track links. But at least I did get to use the suspension and road wheels, so that's nice.

I'm tossing up at the moment whether to leave the windows blank, or make holes in the cab shell for them. I'm tending towards making them solid for painting, since I don't want to build a multi-part model, and it would be pretty impossible to get at the inside of the cab to paint seats and what-not.

Well, here it is. It's quite a beast.

It's at http://shpws.me/Md5G for $18 in WSF.

EDIT: It's now also available in 1/72 scale at http://shpws.me/MdQa

The engine housing was too rounded in my first attempt, so I rebuilt it. I took the opportunity at the same time to detail the radiator grill a bit more.

EDIT EDIT: It's now also also available in 1/285 scale at http://shpws.me/MjpE (single model) and at http://shpws.me/MjpC (sprue of four vehicles).

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