Banana For Scale

That huge guy is nominally 28mm scale,
which makes him over 7' tall.
Skeleton-cyclops-dude is about 65mm
from the soles of his bony feet
to the top of his bony skull.
(Note: Not actually a banana.)

This guy with the stripy pole is an old Essex Miniatures figure I've had since the mid '80s. At that time, they were being sold as 25mm figures, but they were HUGE compared with other manufacturers' 25mm ranges, such as Minifigs or Hinchliffe. I don't know if they were actually responsible for the scale-creep that has resulted in 28mm being the default mid-size ancients/fantasy wargaming scale, but they were certainly an early adopter. (I suspect Games Workshop were more to blame.)

I never did get around to finishing the 25 (or 28) mm medieval army I was planning on: partly due to cost, partly because I found 15mm a more convenient and congenial figure scale.

I've painted his spear in 5mm bands, so that I can make use of him as a scale marker. It's about another 5mm from the base of the spear to the ground (i.e. the figure base is about 5mm high), so I can count that if I want to know the height of a figure from ground up.

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