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A new box full of figures finally arrived the other day, courtesy of Reaper's second Bones Kickstarter. It's been a long wait — a lot longer than expected — but I have to say that this time around, once they finally started shipping, my order got to me pretty smartly.

I'm not sure what this guy's official designation is, but last night he was standing in for an empty throne, because I don't have any empty thrones. I clearly need a lot more in the way of dungeon dressing for my little dollies to play with. Yay for Barbie's Dream Dungeon!

As is my habit these days, I've just given this model a very quick shade-and-highlight spray coat, followed by a dark wash to bring out the detail a bit. I may or may not get around to painting him up fully, but this is good enough for most tabletop purposes.

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