D&D 5e DM Screen — updated

I've updated my D&D 5e DM Screen to include material from the DMG, and I also took the opportunity to fix a couple of errors that had crept into the first version. It's a fourseven-page PDF*, about a couplahunnerd KB. You can nab a copy here.
NOTE: I've taken to using the pages as a laminated flip-book set of reference sheets rather than a screen, but you can print and use it in the form that best suits you.

Here it is in use, in all its glory. I could maybe just fit another page and not quite have it falling off the edges of the table, but it would be more trouble than it's worth I think.

The fundamental structure of the thing is just box card; I've used much heavier card in the past to make other screens, but there's not really much benefit to that, or so I've found. The outside is covered with some antique Edwardian wallpaper I found in a junk shop, the inside is (of course) the laser-printed data sheets. It stands 175mm tall, so it's low enough for me to see over pretty easily. Laid out flat, it's about 1230mm long.


  1. Hey Fitz, I love your dm screen. Well done! I was curious how did you create the actual cheat sheets? Like an excel?

  2. Sir - I have gotten what may have been an older copy of your screen that included a spell progression table. I am trying to understand the second an third column. Can you shed some light on what they represent?

  3. Sir - I have gotten an older version of your screen that has a spell progression table. Can you help me understand what are the second and third columns? Thanks,