Madness, sheer madness.

For some reason, I became overcome with an uncontrollable urge* to build a 1:300 scale model of a BE2c (that's a very slow, very stable British WW1 aeroplane, for those who don't know).

Just on the off-chance that somebody else might be suffering from similar insanity, here's a link to a PDF I made containing 1:72 3-view drawings of the BE2c-d and BE2e, plus sizing/cutting templates in 1:72, 1:144, 1:288 and 1:300 scales.

* I suspect orbital mind-control lasers at work again.

Later that day...

I've begun the new teensy-tiny aeroplane.

I printed out the 1:300 template on to light card, and cut out all the flat bits — I'll use the drawings of the fuselage and what-not to check my proportions against when I come to carve it out of whatever I can find to do the job (probably a bit of perspex).

The struts are just 24 gauge copper wire, bent around a former to get a consistent parallelogram. There are more precise ways of achieving this, but for gaming pieces I don't really see the benefit in going to that much extra bother.

Having a computer and printer makes this process a lot easier than the last time I made cardboard-and-wire-and-wood model aeroplanes; that was in the late '80s, and then I had to laboriously transfer the drawings by hand.

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