Plastic Sarcophagus

Reaper Bones 77137: Sarcophagus by Bob Ridolfi
 I've painted another of this model before.

That time I wanted a stone effect; this time I was going for antique bronze. That time I rendered the interior as carved from the stone of the casket; this time I wanted decayed fabric lining.

I really hope that Reaper start producing a lot more of their "dungeon dressing" miniatures in Bonesium. In metal, they're just far too expensive — similar models to this one are going for in excess of twenty bucks, which is way more than I'm happy to pay just to elevate my tabletop mapping above a box drawn on a bit of paper and marked "sarcophagus".

I keep my eye out for this sort of tabletop-terrain thing at cheap novelty shops and so forth, but they come up a lot less often than I'd like.

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