Well, I've officially made the break from GMing for an indefinite time, and I already feel the better for it. Even just running a pre-built adventure module, requiring very little in the way of creativity or prep work on my part, it was weighing me down unreasonably.

When I start up again (as I inevitably will, eventually) I think I'll just run my fantasy campaign in AD&D, pretty much (though not absolutely) by the book. It will simplify the use of third-party material enormously, and it's the system I know best, having begun my roleplaying career with it. AD&D has some odd peculiarities and restrictions, but I find I care less and less about that these days. Most, if not all, of the issues I had with it back in the day can be dealt with by loosening up the class-restricted skill system a bit.

Basing the campaign on AD&D will also mean that I can make use of the ever-increasing support material published under the ægis of OSRIC too, which is all to the good.

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