HäT Zulu War Brits

Zulu War British Infantry
 HäT have released two more sets of soft plastic 25mm (1/72) Zulu War British infantry.

I'm not particularly interested in that particular period for wargaming, but these two sets are of great interest to me because, for a change, all the poses are useful for the wargamer, instead of being aimed at the "action toy" market.

Usually, in a set of plastic toy soldiers, you can pretty much guarantee that at least half the figures will be completely pointless for use on the wargames table, being posed in all kinds of weird actiony ways. In these two sets, there's not a single pose that would be wasted.

As I said before, I'm not that interested in the Zulu Wars, but I would be very interested in buying ten or twenty sets of these to be painted up as generic Red and Blue late 19th century armies.

Zulu War British Infantry Command

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