My World, And Welcome To It

This map shows the relationship of the land-forms shown in my individual world maps, with a few place-names to help show you roughly where things are. Apart from the outlines of the continent and archipelago, it contains no geopgraphical or political detail.

It's less than 3,000 miles across, so it's substantially smaller than our own earth. It's still a lot of space to fill with adventure.

This is just one of about twenty or thirty adjoining planes on the surface of a multi-planar sphere. If you imagine a d20 or d30, this would be one face of the die. With the proper protection and life-support, it is possible to walk from one "face" to another (though border conditions are inimicable, to say the least), and the planes also interconnect via the UnderDark.

The fact that two planes are adjacent and border one another is no guarantee that they have similar life-support requirements.

There is a simple A4 PDF, designed for b&w laser printing, here. It's about 255 KB.

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