Painted Bones

I've finished painting the initial batch of Reaper Bones (plastic) figures I bought, and now am waiting with great anticipation for the vast avalanche resulting from their wildly successful Kickstarter.

There is absolutely no way I'm going to get all of that lot painted before I die.

Click on the images, if you so choose, to see larger versions.

Kobolds... not the greatest sculpts ever made, but suitable enough for Mass Mook Attacks.
Great Worms — from left to right, sand-worm, ice-worm and that old favourite, purple worm.

Rats. Sculpted by Sandra Garrity.


  1. How large is the wormy? I take it that for $US 3 it 's a plastic miniature?

    I'm wondering how the worm would look with 15mm figures - I've just finished painting some Rebel Miniatures Sahadeen and, if I had gone with the original desert gear, could I have really had Fremen?

  2. Yes, it's plastic. There a picture of one next to a 28mm figure for size comparison here