I am alive!

It's been a while since I posted anything here, and I think that's because I'm not GMing at all these days.

When I'm GMing, I think about roleplaying a lot (especially about how to torture an innocent rule system into some sort of freakish, twisted, mutant form of itself), but when I'm not actually running a game I find that I don't really think about the nuts and bolts of gaming at all. I play, I enjoy myself a lot, and then I go away and think about other things until it's time to play again. It's quite laid back really, which is good for a while.

As for modelling stuff — well, it's winter here and it's bloody cold in my workroom. It's much nicer to sit by our nice new wood-burner, all toasty and warm than to huddle in my man-cave with my nose running and teeth chattering. I've been tinkering with a design for a portable modelling-station-in-a-box with built-in lights and what-not, but haven't progressed very far with it as yet, not least because to build it I would have to spend time shivering in the refrigerator that is my workshop. It's kind of a Catch-22 thing, since when my workshop becomes bearable I won't have to worry about needing a portable workstation, and it will therefore fly from my mind.

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