Today, two major earthquakes within a couple of hours once again laid waste to my workroom. The shelf module holding the plastic storage drawer thingummies that I keep all my figures in, painted and unpainted, tore itself loose from its brackets and dumped everything on to the floor, simultaneously blocking the door so that it will be very, very tricky getting in there to clear it all up (again).

There's bound to be other chaos in there too, but that's all I could see through the tiny gap I could force in the doorway.

I'm really over all this earthwobbling crap. Enough is enough.


  1. Oh, no. That sort of thing would leave me incapable of action just from frustration. Fixing things over and over again is maddening.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that Peter---very frustrating, I'm sure! :(

    When Heather, Ethan, and I lived in San Jose, CA, we bolted our bookshelves to the walls, for safety. I'm not sure if there are similar things you can do with your bracket shelves, but it may be worth looking into.


  3. The shelf unit is a free-standing one; the brackets were supposed to hold it to the wall as you suggest. Unfortunately the puny screws were no match for the wrath of Earth-Shaking Poseidon; I'll have to re-do them with bigger, manlier, gnarlier screws.