Armoured diving suit - 1882

Diving suit - 1882
I'm not a big player of computer shoot-'em-up games, but I'm not wholly ignorant of the field. There was a game a couple of years ago that made a big noise, in which something similar to this 19th century diving suit appeared. I forget the name of the game; it's not that important.

This is just screaming out to be used as some kind of magical mcguffin. It could easily be built along the lines of the Apparatus of Kwalish (AD&D DMG p.137) or something like that.

It need not necessarily be intended for use under water, just because the original was — it might be designed to keep an interplanar traveller safe in the extreme environments to be found in many of the other planes of existence. Alternately, it could be used as a steampunk or VSF space-suit.

Whatever you do with it — it's just too cool :)

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