Project of the day

Today I made myself an ancient copper scroll case. You can never have too many ancient copper scroll cases lying about the place.

This particular ancient copper scroll case is actually made out of a couple of toilet rolls and some paint; I'd like to be able to make one out of actual copper, but my soldering skills have never been all that great. Also, I don't own a proper soldering iron, just a little thing sold as a pyrogravure.

I like to have props handy for gaming purposes, but the real reason I made this thing is so that I can take a bunch of brushes about the place in my bag without mangling them — you can see it in all its disassembled glory to the right. The Lancaster bomber is unrelated; it's a Corgi die-cast toy I bought at the Omaka aviation museum.

Pictures, as usual, may be clicked upon to gigantify them.


  1. That second photo looks like it could be the cover of a modelbuilding technique book.

    The case is awesome.

  2. Cool. I could use these out at the Ren Faire.