GHQ A9 - tester

This is a test-paint on one of the 1:285 scale A9 cruisers I bought from GHQ. I've finished it in the Khaki Green No.3 (VMC 887 Brown Violet) and Dark Green No.4 (VMC 888 Olive Grey) disruptive pattern suitable for the Battle of France, 1940. Its been washed with Citadel's Devlan Mud and Badab Black, and dry-brushed in VMC 988 Khaki.

It's taught me a couple of useful lessons:

First, in this scale the K.G.3 and D.G.4 disruptive pattern is even more pointless than it was full size. It's barely discenable, and at gaming distances it will be completely invisible. Just doing a base Khaki Green No.3, washed and dry-brushed, will be perfectly adequate and will also cut down on painting time.

Second, the rusty-metal browns on the tracks and exhaust will need to be exagerrated a bit if I want them to be seen at all. The understated brown I've used just fades into the Khaki Green background.... that's not neccessarily a bad thing of course.

These models from GHQ are exquisitely detailed (as they bloody well should be for the price!) and respond really well to the wash-and-drybrush method.

Note: VMC = Vallejo ModelColor

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