Red Hot Sword

I found this image when I was trawling about through the files on my laptop. I have no memory of why I made it, but according to the file info it was some time in 2006, in Painter IX. Was it in response to something I was reading, or something I saw on TV? Or did it just come straight out of my brain-meats? I have no idea, but it looks like it could be useful as a good monster to put the wind up my hapless adventuring party, especially the elf who is allergic to fire attacks. It's a quickie sketch — it looks like it probably only took me ten minutes or so — but I think it's quite evocative in its vagueness.

It's obviously some kind of demonic warrior, and that red-hot sword looks as though it could be a bit nasty. Are the horns built-in, or is it wearing some sort of helmet?

My S&W campaign is in hiatus at the moment, giving me a break from GMing for a while (I'm playing in a free-form game set in the middle of the Spanish Civil War) but I think I'll get this guy into the action when we start up again.

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