AEC Armoured Car(s)

This is what I've been working on for the last few days — a British WWII AEC armoured car, with turrets for the Mk.III (75mm, on the body of the vehicle) and Mk.II (6 pounder, off to the left).

I also want to do a Mk.I, which will require a slight redesign of the hull front, and a Valentine or Crusader turret, both of which I already have from older models.
The STLs for the AEC Mk.I are now available for download from — the Mk.II and Mk.III soon to follow.

This thing was actually designated a "wheeled tank" when it went into production, rather than as an armoured car. It was the Brit's first attempt at a wheeled vehicle with the same armament and protection as their tanks of the time.

A bit later...

The modifications to the hull to create the Mk.I were a bit more involved than I had expected, which is about par for the course when it comes to any model I expect to be straightforward.

However, it's done now, and all I have to do is create STLs of the various components.

Note: it seems, from the bit of reading I've done, that there's a reasonable chance that the reports of the Mk.I being given a Crusader turret might be a case of  mis-identification or mis-translation in the foreign-language literature, and possibly the "transitional" vehicles might actually have been given 6 pounder Churchill turrets. However, the Crusader turret was certainly used elsewhere on armoured cars (on the Staghound, for example), so there's a possibility they were used here too. I'll provide a Crusader turret and let the user make the decision for themselves.

Later still...

I've got the first test prints done, and they're mostly OK. I will have to beef up the mudguards a bit though, as they're the main point of failure.

These ones have been printed on their wheels, but I'll also provide versions with separate wheels for the people who like that sort of thing.

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  1. Looking great! I do have one from another designer but yours looks even better. Especially the effort you put into the wheels!


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