Vrock — repaint

This is an old WotC D&D pre-painted figures, a Vrock (or Type I Demon, as they once were known).

I gave it a rough-and-ready repaint, just enough to make it table-worthy, and considering that this pretty shitty paint-job is a considerable improvement on its original, you can just imagine how bad that might have been.

I took these photos mainly to test a camera mount I made for the crappier of my two cameras: a little Nikon CoolPix point-and-shoot. It's not a very capable camera, and I really only keep it so that I have something small enough to slip into a pocket (my phone's camera is really bad, and hardly worth using except in an emergency).

Magic Missile d4

Here's another design for a 4-sided die, this time marked from 2 – 5 for use with the D&D Magic Missile spell. The file is on T...