Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A1E1 Independent (15mm)

This is Shapeways' WSF material render,
with all the turrets on sprues.
The model is available now at http://shpws.me/MERL
There were two tanks I couldn't get hold of in 1:100 (15mm) scale, that encouraged me to get into digital design. One was the Vickers Medium Mk.III, which I made my very first project in Blender. The other was the A1E1 Independent.

Now I have designs for them both, and if I can get Shapeways to print this one (they're being obstructive at the moment; I think somebody has "improved" their website again) then I'll have physical examples of them as well.

High port front

High port rear

High starboard front

Plan view

Side view