Maybe it's not for me after all

I started painting these guys... how long ago? Some time ago. Somehow, considering the time elapsed between starting and finishing this lot, I doubt that a complete Peninsular War British wargaming army is in my future unless I win Lotto and buy one ready-made.

They're soft plastic 20mm figures from HäT. They're not bad for the purpose, and cheap compared with metals (or the hard plastic 28mm figures from the Perries and the like) but out of the 60-odd figures on the sprues, these 16 are about all that I found generally useful; the rest are all in non-wargame-worthy poses and pretty much useless to me. I would rather have just had four sprues entirely of marching dudes, and one of sergeants, officers, standard bearers, musicians and so forth.


  1. Beautifully painted, though. That's better than most "wargame level" paint jobs, isn't it? You've done inking or something around the white straps, and the detail level is really high.

    1. They're block-painted over a black undercoat (or brown for the faces and buff for the trousers), so all you have to do to black-line detail is not paint right up to the lines :)

      This sort of level of detail seems to be about the median standard for wargaming figures these days, from what I've seen of other locals' work. Things have really come a long way since I first started wargaming in the early '70s.