Great Geomorphic Genesis, Batman!


(The link goes to Stonewerks blog).  I'd just like to second the plea for an automated geomorphic mapper to pump out pseudo-3d maps like this.

It would not only make me happy, it would also align the stars and bring peace and happiness on earth.

(NOTE: I am not a programmer, so I have absolutely no clue how difficult such a thing would be to create.)


  1. Oh wow . . . that . . . wow. Hmmm. Wow.

    - Ark

  2. Wow, that is really cool!

    I would love to have a tool to do a few dungeons like this.

    Hell, even a print of this for my gaming room wall would be fantastic.

  3. That sure is sweet looking.

    It really wouldn't be all that hard to program, would it?

  4. I believe Tsojcanth (who made that map) is working on the mapping program now.

    I have a version of that map with the seams smoothed out and most of the room numbered. It's at my blog if anyone is interested.

  5. You just broke my thinking machine.


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