Tuesday 8 February 2011

Ancient History

WARNING! This is unlikely to be of any interest to anybody but me.

My second-oldest, and most-played, AD&D character was (and is) Fnord the Fighter. He's still going, though I play him very infrequently these days, and he's been through several incarnations as we've changed rule sets: AD&D 1e and 2e, Champions, a sort of Ultra-Runequest-like thing our DM was briefly enthused with until we rebelled at its extraordinary and pointless fiddlyness, Hero System (4th and 5th ed), D&D3e... I think that's all.

I still have a bunch of old character sheets for him, though the earliest I can find has him at 6th level. He came into an existing party being DMed by my old friend Mike Bolton, and I think — though I don't remember for sure — that he was created at level 3 (or maybe 5?). He's now at level 13, after 30 years of existence.

Looking at these battered, much-scribbled-upon character sheets brings home to me one of the differences between 1981 (when these sheets hail from) and now; we didn't have access to computers or printers then, and photocopying was both troublesome and expensive, so character sheets lasted a long time, until they were too battered or doodle-covered to be useable. These days it's an easy matter to print out a new sheet as soon as an old one gets a bit smudged.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is really just to get those old character sheets out into the dataverse, more or less as an off-site backup.

L6-7 Obverse

L6-7 Reverse

L7-8 Obverse

L7-8 Reverse

L8 Obverse

L8 Reverse

L9 Obverse

L9 reverse


  1. Very cool, especially the doodles and varying penmanship. Where did the original sheets come from?

    Also curious to know how... um, how Fnord gained so much weight.

    90lbs? Yikes!

  2. I laid out the sheets myself, using a rotring technical pen and ruler. I don't recall for sure where the weight gain came about, but I have a vague memory that it was due to one of our DM's many sudden brainwaves and enthusiasms. I think he worked out a system based on height, strength and constitution... but I could be imagining the whole thing.

  3. You sir, penned some great sheets. Thanks for sharing!

    Now about that "de-stunk skunk" and bite-mark on Fnord's arm...

  4. What, everybody doesn't have a de-stunk skunk in their equipment list? Huh.

  5. Love the doodles and the rest of the sheets too.