Scenery - a roadside inn

I happened on this image somewhere on the internet, and it immediately grabbed my attention because it's almost exactly the scene I was imagining in an episode of Zosia the elf's adventures I ran a few years ago.
Note: Zosia is one of my partner Annette's oldest characters, and has been around in various incarnations and game systems since about 1980-81

I thought I might start using this blog to collect together some of the game-useful scenery and/or artefact images I've gathered over the years. Hopefully they'll be of some use to others as well as to me.

Anyway, this image: I'm not sure exactly what function this particular complex serves, or even whether it's Japanese, Chinese, Burmese or whatever (no doubt somebody with more knowledge of Asian architecture could tell at a glance).

I would use it as a roadside inn and/or bath-house.


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